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Bulk email and SMS for productive business promotion

Usually, we make use of various channels like social media, newspapers, or simply media for promoting a business. In recent years social media have gained popularity and thus have become the most preferred channels for promoting business as well as for marketing purposes. Bulk email and SMS are some of the most successful channels for promoting.

Difference between Bulk email and SMS

Bulk email is also known as mass email is a process through which promotional email campaigns describing your products and services are prepared and sent to your potential customers in bulk. Bulk email service is managed with the help of email marketing software. Now, you might be wondering if you can even get this work done on Gmail. Yes! you can. But there are certain limitations on Gmail because Gmail is not specially designed for bulk emailing purposes.
On the other hand, Bulk SMS is similar to bulk email but the promotional campaigns are in form of text messages. Mostly all types of businesses need bulk SMS services today.

Though you need both bulk email and sms for your business

Many of them who are not professionals might not check emails regularly but we all are in touch with our mobile phones and would certainly check the SMS received by them from your business. Furthermore, bulk SMS is responded to by 98% of people and that is more than the response received by bulk emails.

bulk email and sms campaigns

Advantages of Bulk Email services

We are going to talk about a few benefits of using email marketing software.

1. Send unlimited emails with better deliverability at a time

Gmail doesn’t allow sending more than 500 emails per day but with an email marketing service, you can send as many emails as you want for a day. Also, the deliverability is better than Gmail as Gmail has more issues for a mass email to get delivered at various addresses at a time.

2. Creative, personalized, and engaging emails

An email marketing services have numerous responsive templates according to specific requirements of your email campaigns. The emails are more personalized and seem more engaging because they are prepared with user-friendly designs and convincing CTA.

bulk email and sms
3. Performance analytics

The performance is better when you work with email marketing services. The reason is you can track the progress i.e how many people opened the email and clicked the links. Gmail does not allow you to track reports of your campaign. Thus, an email marketing service will help your reach your goals faster.

4. Maintaining the GDPR

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation that imposes on the businesses to protect the personal data and privacy for the transactions happening online.
Prior to sending emails to your potential customers, you will receive their permission. There would be an option of subscribing or unsubscribing your emails.

Advantages of Bulk SMS services

Now, here are some benefits of using Bulk SMS we are going to discuss:-

1. Best for mobile marketing

Mobile is the most common and preferable device in today’s world. With the help of SMS campaigns, you can arrange attractive discounts and offers to engage your customers with your products and services.

2. Cost-effective and fast deliver

SMS is received and opened by 98% of people within a few minutes unlike, emails. It is cost-effective and grabs more attention from your potential customers which other tools might not achieve.

bulk email and sms
3. Reaches to larger audiences

Bulk SMS is a convenient way to reach up to a larger number of audience. Earlier email marketing was popular and was practiced widely by all businesses. But, it is seen that emails are less opened and thus get fewer responses. Therefore, Bulk SMS services came took the limelight.

4. Helps in keeping records

Bulk SMS helps greatly in keeping past records. For instance, it can help a school management administration to keep the records of the students. Not only that, but you can send updates to your clients.

Why do you need Bulk SMS/ Emails service for your business?

Bulk email and SMS service are required in today’s businesses because it is the most convenient and fastest method of promoting your products and services. The biggest advantage is that it reaches to a larger audience in a lower investment and gives you higher returns. Besides promoting your products and services to potential customers, it also drives more valuable traffic to your website and makes sure you have a higher rate of conversion than other marketing tools can offer.